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Silicone pad custom: silica gel pad steamer performance summary

Silicone pad custom: silica gel pad steamer performance summary

Brush oil process is required, because the silicone steamer pad adopts food grade silica gel through a fine process, this material will not cause food pot sticking, so even without pad in the coated with edible oil, silicone pad customization without worry steamed buns and other food steamed easily picked up; greatly save time and reduce the cost of the cooking. Secondly, the food grade silicone material will not pose any health risks to human health, even if the high temperature cooking will not emit any toxic odor, so very safe and health, can be applied to the field of diet. Again, the steamer mat is very easy to clean, because the non stick pan, so when cleaning only need to appropriate detergent combined with water, with ease can complete the task of cleaning, placed in well ventilated place to dry can be used again. Finally, the expert said that the novel silica steamer pad used is mesh structure, permeability is strong, dumplings can substantially uniform vapor absorption, can guarantee the steamed out package soft and delicious, taste pure.

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