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Silicone sealing strip: liquid silicone injection machine use note

Liquid silica gel injection machine is a kind of machine which makes the liquid silica gel injection molding. As a kind of high value machine, should be cherished, its use should pay attention to the following matters:

1, before use: in order to prevent the occurrence of accidents in the production process, the use of the injection machine, should first make some necessary checks on the injection machine. Check the electrical control box is not oil or water enter, if line home appliances may be affected with damp, don't start, should to the appliance dry after the boot. Before the operation, check the supply voltage is not in line with the standard. Then check its emergency stop switch, the front and back of the security door is not a normal switch, check the motor and the direction of the rotation of the pump is not consistent. Before using the liquid silica gel injection molding machine, check each cooling pipe is not smooth and the oil cooler and the machine at the end of the cylinder cooling water jacket of pass into the cooling water. Silicone sealing strips.

2, the use of: to educate employees in strict accordance with the use of the use of standards, to avoid man-made accidents caused by industrial accidents or machine.

3 use after maintenance: in order to make the injection machine to inject a qualified silicone products and maintain a longer service life. Should be used in the injection machine after maintenance. First of all, in the use of this machine after the injection, to pay attention to the injection of liquid silica gel cleaning, which is very important. Because it is in use, the machine in the liquid silica gel certainly has a lot of residue, if not to clean these residues, then it will affect the use of it next time. The residue left inside will have an impact on the new silicone fluid, which is to be noticed. Second, in addition to this, the injection machine in the use of the time to check its injection head is not good, if the injection head failure, then it will be a great impact on the process of injection. Therefore, in the use of the need to ensure that the injection of the head of the flow, the use of the injection head for a period of time to be replaced. Third, as a device, it should have the need to lubricate the part, so the staff to do a good job of lubrication, so as to ensure the efficient and smooth operation of the equipment.

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