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Waterproof silicone sealing strip


Silicone rubber

Role of consulting customer service

Scope of application consulting customer service

Shape of cross section

Nature consulting customer service

Whether to import is

Brand consulting customer service

Model consulting customer service

Thickness consulting customer service (mm)

Sample or spot

Whether standard parts standard parts

Use temperature consulting service (c)

Use pressure consulting service (MPa)

Color green, white, red, yellow, purple

Manufacturers (origin) in Wujiang, Jiangsu

Caliber 9mm

Category: fresh box sealing strip manufacturers (origin): Wujiang, Jiangsu economic and Technological Development Zone material: silicone

Uses: sealing, preservation

Shape: Japanese font model: fresh box sealing ring purposes: sealing

Performance: high temperature non-toxic.

Advantages: high temperature, non-toxic, tasteless. Beneficial to people's health.

Product use: fresh box, fresh cup

Customer service service; if a defective product, according to the number of returns, we can add

Packing: inner packing of plastic bag, outer packing of carton

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