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Dust cup cover


Silicone sealing cup cover sealing part dust cup cover

Silicone material

Using temperature -30+120 (c)

The scope of glass, glass, ceramic cup

Function dust seal

Whether imported or not

Brand promise

Model of large and small can

Sample or spot

Whether standard parts standard parts

1 special quality food grade raw materials manufacturing, safe and sound, the use of boiling water will not produce a bad smell of plastic.

2 has strong interlayer dustproof function, good sealing effect.

3 cartoon beautiful, non-toxic environmental protection.

Wujiang, one hundred million silicone rubber products factory, is a professional production of various kinds of silicone products, in which the silicone sealing ring is one of my company's main projects, can be certified by FDA or LFGB. Our using precision machinery and equipment, with advanced technology, and years of production management experience, specializing in the production of various uses, specifications, color, hardness, non-toxic, harmless, environmental protection silica gel sealing ring, silicone gasket.

Its products are: excellent thermal conductivity, good insulation, excellent fire resistance, good cushioning, thickness of the optional, the color of the adjustable, the construction of simple, quality stability.

And the products are widely used in daily necessities, household equipment, electronics, electrical appliances, equipment, machinery, automobiles, ships, medical, toys, office and other industrial sectors.

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