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Silica gel cup set of creative


Product category cup sets

Brand promise

No. 01

Silicone material

Applicable crowd

Creative style

Suitable for gift giving occasions

Origin Wujiang

Product time to market in 2014

Irregular shape

Environmental protection

Structure monolayer

Price segment 5-10 yuan

Whether there is no patent

Universal object

Packing box

Packaging specifications 380ml-550ml

Machining customization is

Silicone cup set has certain flexibility, excellent insulation, compressibility, viscosity of natural surface, specifically for the advantage of the gap production design scheme of heat transfer; to fill the gap, completed between the heating part and the radiating part of heat transfer, and also played insulation, shock absorption, sealing effect; can meet the requirements of miniaturization and ultra-thin design, very process and the use and scope of thickness wide, is a kind of excellent thermal conductivity of filled material, which is widely used in electrical and electronic products.

Characteristic advantage

1 high reliability

2 high compressibility, flexible and flexible

3 high thermal conductivity, silica gel pad

4 natural viscosity, no extra surface adhesive

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