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Suzhou  Nuoyi Silicone  Products  Co.,Ltd located at the ancient river transport "land of plenty" Wujiang City Economic and Technological Development Zone, the company specializes in working in the production of Japanese fonts, sealing the mouth shaped sealing ring, 0 type silicone tube, glass sealing strip, the refrigerator seal, shaped article, such as silica gel products, mobile phone sets, cup sets, coasters, table mat molded products. Mainly used in products, crisper, and widely used in lunch boxes, cups, plastic box, plastic barrels, daily necessities, household appliances, electronics, electrical appliances, instruments, machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, medical, toys, office and other industrial sectors.

The adoption of sophisticated machinery and equipment, with advanced technology and years of experience in production management, dedicated to provide customers with specifications, color, hardness, non-toxic, harmless, environmental protection silica gel sealing ring, silicone washers and other products. Through constant pursuit and innovation, good quality service, has become a well-known brands at home and abroad for a long time and stable cooperation of product suppliers.

Commitment to energy saving and environmental protection, safety products, the products produced by the United States of America's FDA, the EU's RoSH, Germany's LFGB certification. Billion Otunnu will strive to improve enterprise technology, perfect the enterprise management, force behavior of consumers and provide environmental protection, safety, rest assured the silica gel products, create the high-quality comfortable life, determined to become a supplier of hundreds of millions of consumers confidence confidence.

Company since its inception, always to the "quality first, reputation first, service first" business philosophy and customer grow together combination, determined for the vast number of old and new customers to provide quality service, and won the praise of all sectors of the industry. Welcome friends from all circles to visit ginseng view, guidance and business negotiation. We will be consistent, abide by the promise and strive for innovation, and you create brilliant!

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