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Suzhou Nuoyi Silicone Products Co.,Ltd located at the ancient river transport "land of plenty" Wujiang City Economic and Technological Development Zone, the company specializes in working in the production of Japanese fonts, sealing the mouth shaped sealing ring, 0 type silicone tube, glass sealing strip, the refrigerator seal, shaped article, such as silica gel products, mobile phone sets, cup sets, coasters, table mat molded products. Mainly used in products, crisper, and widely used in lunch boxes, cups, plastic box, plastic barrels, daily necessities, household appliances, electronics, electrical appliances, instruments, .....【更多】

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Silicone rubber sealing ring material 2016-05-12

Silica gel has become more and more popular because of its environmental protection performance. To understand the knowledge of silicone products, have to start from the raw materials of silica gel.1, silicone raw materials can be divided into ordinary silica gel and weatherCommon silica gel, also known as precipitated

Introduction of silica gel profile 2016-05-12

Introduction of silica gel profileSilicone shaped article, with non-toxic, environmental protection, physiological inertia, resistance to ultraviolet and other features, the current products used in computers, electrical appliances, electronics, home appliances, lighting, etc..characteristicWith non-toxic, environmenta

Silicone pad custom: silica gel pad steamer performance summ... 2016-05-12

Silicone pad custom: silica gel pad steamer performance summaryBrush oil process is required, because the silicone steamer pad adopts food grade silica gel through a fine process, this material will not cause food pot sticking, so even without pad in the coated with edible oil, silicone pad customization without worry

Silicone sealing strip: liquid silicone injection machine us... 2016-05-12

Liquid silica gel injection machine is a kind of machine which makes the liquid silica gel injection molding. As a kind of high value machine, should be cherished, its use should pay attention to the following matters:1, before use: in order to prevent the occurrence of accidents in the production process, the use of t

Silicone seals: liquid silicone materials used in liquid sil... 2016-05-12

Liquid silicone nipple because of its high transparency, no burr, high tear resistance, which is recognized by the market. How to produce high-quality pacifiers, liquid silicone raw materials used should be how to choose? The raw materials used to meet at least the following: silicone sealing ring,1, liquid silica raw

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The adoption of sophisticated machinery and equipment, with advanced technology and years of experience in production management, dedicated to provide customers with specifications, color, hardness, non-toxic, harmless, environmental protection silica gel sealing ring, silicone washers and other products. Through constant pursuit and innovation, good quality service, has become a well-known brands at home and abroad for a long time and stable cooperation of product suppliers!

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